Shosystem building intelligence company, Dubai.

‘Shosystem’ smart home services is an experienced company in Dubai, we pride ourselves on using only the most established and efficient smart home technology systems available to provide our customers with the best service, products, and value.

We can provide full turnkey services including smart home planning, electrical installations and implementation of electrical smart home projects, design state of the art smart home systems for residential, commercial and office use including security and CCTV camera systems. We are renowned for providing the highest quality of customer service and our experience in this field is proven with the help of our management team plus our skilled technical and electronics experts.

The team at SHOsystem is proud to have designed and implemented numerous smart home system projects within Dubai in many residential properties, offices, restaurants and hotels to ultimately improve the well-being, efficiency, comfort and security of the users.

Shosystem smart house has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of design and supply in the implementation of various smart system brands; using our expert development and research team we have selected to use the best available systems. Such as the comprehensive smart building system of the ‘Switch4 brand (Professional Smart System; license of Poland with Zigbee & business protocol) plus ‘Toya’ (an amazing protocol with more than a 1000 products and more than 600 manufacturing plants around the world). After years of comprehensive research and testing we ensure to only use the products with the best efficiency, quality and service delivery for our esteemed clients.

Our company is a service-oriented company whose main task and ultimate goal is to identify the best equipment and the best brands of smart building in Dubai and security and protection systems in the world for you.

Customer care and satisfaction is always our No.1 priority, and we consider it one of our most important duties to provide complete and comprehensive training to the customer after the system installation and implementation. Our smart home systems are very user friendly, and our dedicated team will be available as needed to provide ongoing support and assistance, you can be rest assured that a system from our team of experts will be one of the best choices you can make for your smart home requirements to improve your lifestyle and value of your property.

Thank you for your trust.