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Our smart home systems are affordable, reliable and user friendly. They save you money by improving the systems within your home, enhancing your home life plus increasing the value of your home.


You can be always assured of a professional service from start to finish with full aftercare assistance as required. All of our services come with a hassle free 2-years warranty.

Payment Method

The payment method is exceptional:

50% at the beginning of the contract.

50% at the end of execution.

You Deserve Nothing Less Than A Smart Home

About Us :

• We offer many different smart home solutions to suit all requirements using cutting edge technology and can implement a variety of scenarios.
• Our smart home features can include your home theater, window shades, lighting, security system, climate control and much more.
• By implementing our smart home scenarios, energy loss and home living costs are reduced. You can travel without worries just by pressing the “ALL OFF ” setting.
• Shosystem smart home systems makes your life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.
• Our personalized smart living experiences are perfect for any home—no matter the size or budget and will instantly increase the value of your home.